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In search of fresh cut and new design solutions, Gohar Dalian in 2017 founded the brand Goar Dalian. The Brand represents three product lines: Ready to Wear, VÁN by Goar Dalian and Exclusive.  All three Goar Dalian lines display only the finest craftsmanship and materials. All of collections embody Goar Dalian’s spirit. Brand represents an elegant and refined womenswear with the clean silhouettes and an inclination for subdued extravagant patterns in combination with an English (boyish) discipline added to the French finesse. Clothes that are simple, well cut, with the subtle extravagance, but there is nothing too flashy. It represents the combination of ascending importance of innovation carefully balanced with wearability. The feeling of sensuality and the femme aspects are emphasized in brand core. The designer of the brand in each season presents a new look at the image of a strong, self-assured woman who is not afraid of bold combinations and multi-component images that have become the brand’s trademark. GOAR DALIAN – YOU ARE EXCEPTIONAL!